Avaya 96x1 extended Features

(Hüseyin Yanardağ) #61

When i put PPM file to my http server. Emergency button coming up on my phones but any other services not running like Favorites , Contacts etc. I just want to run Contacts. Any help in here?

(Shawn Lockner) #62

If you dont have the correct mods to astrisk then all you will get is the emergency button if I remember the below links are working again


(Hüseyin Yanardağ) #65

I really need your help to work with this issue. I can give you more information from log files or if you want to connect to system i can give access to you . Waiting for your answers :pray:

(Shawn Lockner) #66

I am sorry I don’t have a lot of free time in front of a computer to do debugging so you just have to be patient… I am glad its compiling for you now. … I cant seem to see your screen shot. … now that its compiling what does your pmm and your extention config files look like?

(Hüseyin Yanardağ) #68

Thank you for your answer. I am trying to upload files to another website.


Could you see my files now ?

Its so hard to upload files in here :smiley:

Maybe send files to you by email ?

I just filled Contacts file because i just want to use Contacts only. But other files are there in folder but they are empty.

(Hüseyin Yanardağ) #69

Any update?

(Hüseyin Yanardağ) #70

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :pray:

(Shawn Lockner) #71

are you using the emulator or the phone? my phones seem to be getting their contact list for some reason my emulator is failing

(Shawn Lockner) #72

Also what firmware version are you running as now I got my 6.5 emulator working but 7.1 emulator does not.

(United States) #73

Just found this thread. Am trying to configure a FreePBX Raspberry Pi system to use Avaya 9650 Phones. Have managed to get them to connect and work as single extension phones with limited features. I assume this is SIPPING-19 vs Avaya SIP. I was excited to try this approach but discovered in the very first steps that the Raspberry Pi version of FreePBX does not appear to have a /usr/src/asterisk-*** directory. From skimming through this page I also assume that this directory is pre compiled files which I am suspecting may not exist on the Raspberry Pi version. Can anyone confirm this? If they are there where would I find them? If they are not, is there a way for me to add the features as described? Sorry for the dumb questions, kinda new to this…

(Hüseyin Yanardağ) #74

Hello Shawn,

I have tried with 7.1 emulator and with sip firmware on physical phone.

Maybe downgrade to 6.5 firmware and give a try ?


Downgraded phone’s firmware to SIP 6.5.0 but no work :frowning:
I think my problem is chan_sip and sip.h file . There is something wrong on my configuration. Because if i use your file , asterisk do not compiling. But if i add your codes to one by one its compiling but gives me error. you can see on pbx_asterisk.png form my files.

(Tippy2k) #76


I am trying in your footsteps but I can’t seem to be able to compile asterisk-13.7.2 with the modified files you posted. Can you tell me which version of asterisk I should be using with these files?

Thanks for the great work. I hope I can my phones up an running soon.

(Mayiga Herman) #77

I managed to load SIP firmware on an avaya 9611G finally but now my challenge is now registering on asterisk it is just displaying acquiring services after entering sip server IP transport tcp, port 5060 and entering the extension and password

(Communication Technologies) #78

In FreePBX, is CHAN_SIP set to 5060 and TCP Enabled under “Asterisk SIP Settings>CHAN SIP Settings”