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Hello everyone, this is my first post. Currently using FreePBX in our organisation. I am new to FreePBX systems at all. I want to achieve and use FreePBX to call and speak (not robot massege or etc) with my clients. The idea is this. Configurate PBX to auto take numbers from (csv, datebase) and dial them for me, after the call end to dial next number in this list lets say after 5m for example. What i need to make and use as modules, and is this possible to make? Ty in advance.

Of course it’s possible, I did it in 2002 for a client I had at the time.

The simplest way is to write program where you import the list and “dial” each number by clicking on it on a screen. You can use lots of different technologies to make that happen, including AMI and Call Files.

There are “dialer” apps out there, but you usually need to bend your needs to meet their implementation. This is a fairly simple applicaiton, so writing one that does precisely what you want should be fairly simple. Greating a program that generates a call file is very simple, and you can route the local part of the call to an extension, a ring group, or a queue. Once someone on your end picks up, the remote end will connect and “Bob’s your uncle”.

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What about a softphone, like Zulu or Bria. You would have the list of numbers up, then just click on the number when you are ready for it to dial (click to call)? There is no automation, but this would be very quick and easy to implement, and no custom development. You can even make the softphone clients work with a desk (or outside) phone I believe.

You could probably import a contact list into FreePBX and use the webRTC phone built into FreePBX’s UCP. Doing it that way all you would need it a headset and access to the webpage.

The problem is, my bosses want fully automate dial. We will use Click to Dial function also, but we also need full auto dial from file or something like this. And as i see and readed what i find yes maybe we should write some scripts for Call files. Ty for suggestions i will still look and will write if i found some good solution.

There is a free trial of the FreePBX Broadcast Dialer available in the portal ( if you would like to give it a try and see if it will fit your needs.

Ty for that. Its rly nice Module that have what i need. But i got 1 problem with it. When i set Destination - Live Person Answered to be Inbound Route ext:200 i dont hear or other side hear me. This extension is the Dial one also. So can i use it to make the call or should reroute to other extension with other phone number?

Are you saying the call is completing (your phone rings), but you have no audio? If the call is up and audio is missing, it could be a issue with RTP ports (10000-20000UDP, by default). Are you blocking these ports, or do you have a NAT in between?

Broadcast will let you dial off of a file and will allow you to set a pace, but it will not give you the functionality of waiting for a user to become available before making an outbound call. Using the maximum concurrent calls allowed, you might be able to do something.

Further to what @comtech said, it sounds like a NAT config issue, but also know that the Broadcast module relies on AMD and depending on your Asterisk version, you may be seeing a bug in AMD. If you’re on Asterisk 13, you may want to downgrade.

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Hello again. I still cant get a voice from PBX when Xact dial numbers. But now i got something else. I installed Bria/X Lite softphone software. They connect well to freepbx i can make call w/o any problems, everything works fine. But is it have any way to start auto dial campaning with Xact in freePBX and this call to be routed to Bria/X Lite software? Or i should use other Predictive/Preview dialler software to can make this?

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