Auto Answering and Recording Phone Calls

Hello, I am trying to achieve a system where I am able to call one of the phone numbers on the server, have it auto-answer, and record whatever is on the line.

I have been able to auto-answer, however, nothing is recorded and the wav files generated are empty. I have also been able to route phone calls to a phone and answer them, and those calls are recorded. However, the end goal is to not have the phone on the other end and just be able to receive calls, have them auto-answered, and then be recorded until termination.

I have tried utilizing extensions and inbound routes but have not had any luck. Does anyone have any suggestions or ways to achieve this?

The advanced settings for Lenny? Where do I access those?

I found the setting and changed it, however now the call doesn’t answer or ring, it just makes an alarm sound and drops.

The current configuration is as follows:
I have created an extension with all the recording options set to “Force”
I then have the trunk number using clearly trunking routed to this extension.
In inbound routes for the route I have changed Force Answer to Yes and Signal Rining to Yes. In other, I have set the call recording to Force.

Can you please post a screenshot of the setting you have changed?

Also, please provide a call trace via pastebin

For the extension which the sip is routed to in clearly trunking module:

For the advanced settings in the inbound route module:

For the inbound route setting:

In advanced settings:

These are the settings I have changed. How do I go about performing a call trace? Should I do it by finding the uniqueID in CDR and then using grep in asterisk logs?

Thank you

The freepbx is answering and I hear myself talking, however there is an alarm like sound overtop of it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Are you talking about the beep? That’s controlled in advanced settings

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