Auto answer queue calls?

Hey all,

FreePBX newbie here so bear with me.

I have configured my inbound routes to end up at an agent queue.

Currently when testing, if a call comes in it can be manually picked up from the “queue” menu (I am using fop2)

I would like to configure my queue / agents to automatically answer any phone call that is sent to them (I have enabled auto answer within extension settings and fop2 user settings).

From what I have been able to gather the ‘Auto answer’ settings only apply to Internal transfers / extension dials.

Is there a way I can configure the calls feeding into my queue to appear as internal / is there an easier way to go about this?

Any help is much appreciated!

Auto answering a queue call to an unavailable agent would send it to the noanswer/unavailable destination of the ‘first in line agent’ probably not what you want if you have 1+ agents and number 1 is taking a piss or set dnd, which is why by default external calls to queues and ringgroups won’t do that.

I seem to remember that static agents defined with a terminating # would so be honored


Thank you for your response!

Is there no way for an agent to aux/disposition themselves in a way that they aren’t considered available?

And are you saying that changing the agents to static rather than dynamic would make the calls auto answer from queue?

No, I am saying that a statically configured answer point ending in # would follow a different route.

With queues, afaik, you can not append a #
You have two options:

  1. Add the auto answer Alert-Info in the queue.
  2. Enable auto answer for all calls on the actual phone.

Also, what’s the idea behind auto answer?
I think it screams poor management…

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I was not using the queue properly, I had three agents logged in though fop2 however none were actually logged in via *45 dialing.

As soon as I logged the agents in, the auto-answer configurations started working as intended.

As for the idea behind auto answer I am building a customer service / tech support campaign.

The agents logged in will receive a call, a brief audio recording will play with some caller details giving them a 5-10 seconds “heads-up”. These employees are hired specifically to be on the phone and should not be missing calls.

The only issue I need to work around is not having an easy way for an agent to disposition themselves as on lunch or break and make sure they dont receive a call during those times.

You want to pause your agents when they’re temporarily unavailable or logout for longer periods.

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