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I want to make somehow an Extension that automatically Pick up incoming calls and play a sound file that says:"Hit 2100 to call the CEO, hit 2101 to call logistic etc…

I cant find any solution, but i am sure it is possible to make this live.

I have FreePBX 2.11.

an IVR? this is core functionality

That is exactly what i need. Thank you very much!
I have only last problem. I made new IVR. Set up the destination to a test extension.
But if i call myself that phone will ring which one is setup in CallCentric and i dont know, how to send calls from Callcentric to my IVR

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What the heck? A hacked up PBX from Callcentric?

Don’t they have a support page and documentation? I mean an IVR is core component. So is the inbound route you use to send calls to it.

Set up your inbound route for Callcentric to route calls to the IVR instead of routing to your extension.

You may wish to spend some time reading the documentation, which you can find here: