Authentication (UCP) against Aktive Directory not working


I am trying to configure authentication of Users for the User Control Panel (UCP), but what ever I try as Username when logging in to UCP it simply says “Invalid Login Credentials”.

I do not think it is a Problem with the syncing of the Directory as this completes successfully and the synced Data looks also correct. But anyway here are the Settings I change from the default:

  • Manage groups locally - set to yes
  • User object filter - set to “(sAMAccountType=805306368)” - according to MS this filter is more efficient
  • User Home Phone attribute - emptied

Can someone help me on this? Where should I take a look to see what is going wrong?

kind regrades and thank in advance,

bump :slightly_frowning_face:

anyone any idea?

try the extension for the user name, and the voicemail password for the password.

Hi Greg

thanks for the answer but unfortunately this will not help me. First I want to authenticate against
MS-ActiveDirectory not the internal FreePBX-Directory, second we do not create users within the internal FreePBX-Directory on extension creation.

Anyway thanks for your try.

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