Audio Notification of call on another extension

I have a trunk with an inbound route to Extension 100.

This extension is setup on a BLF key on extension 200 and when extension 100 receives a call the BLF key flashes on extension 200 giving 200 the option of answering the call.

Apart from the BLF key flashing on extension 200 is there anything within FPBX that can provide extension 200 with an audio notification that extension 100 is ringing?

Needless to say I dont want extension 200 to actually ring just some sort of sound to bring it to the notice of the user on extension 200

Both extensions are Yealink T46G’s


This is not PBX feature, it’s a phone feature. The Sangoma S series phones have an optional audio/splash for BLF, see if the Yealink has something similar.

Yes found it in “Features” under “Pickup & Park” on the Yealink T46G’s
Thanks for the tip!

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