Asterisk logging channel removed after upgrade to FreePBX 15

Just upgraded several machines from 14 to 15 and all of them no longer have the /var/log/asterisk/full logger channel. I added it back via logger_logfiles_custom.conf. Is this a bug in the upgrade process or are others seeing this result too after upgrade?

Go to settings log settings and turn them back on.

I confirmed that ‘upgrading’ Asterisk Logfiles to 15.0.4 (the current stable version) with no other changes wipes out all ‘full’ and ‘console’ log settings. In my case, manually turning these back on got it working normally, though there have been credible posts from others not so lucky.

This is especially bad news because it was pushed as a security update.

I also experienced the unstable behavior or the Logfiles page in Chrome, until clearing browser cache.

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I have one system that was all turned off and one that was not. I have more to check.

All these years using FreePBX and I never noticed the Asterisk Logfiles page. Guess I never needed to until now. Turning it back on here fixed it for all 8 machines. Thanks to each of you.

Summary of issue and resolution: Bug in Asterisk Logfiles Module ver 15.0.4

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