Asterisk log file (full) empty since update

PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.6-2002-2.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.11.1
All modules up to date.

I believe there was an automatic update last night at 4 am (new Logfiles 15.0.4 installed).

I tried to look at my Asterisk logs this morning and it is empty.

Checking further I see the file is there but the size is zero since 23/08/20 04:03:09: The time matches old ‘full’ files so that time is the logrotate time.

The system is making and receiving calls but no log records! I don’t know if this is connected to the update or is some other issue.

I have restarted the system - no change. asterisk.conf has not been changed. The log file (full) has the correct permissions.

Where do I go from here?

Eventually ended up at Settings > Asterisk Logfile Settings and found that both console and full lines had every setting set to ‘off’!!

Who did that? It wasn’t me!

Could someone please advise what the normal settings should be.

An other post putty/SSH telling me nothing reporting the same thing.

Seems like the auto update has done something nasty.

Are there any other logs that may have got turned off?

yup same here. a bug for sure

here’s the defaults

Thank you. Reset and working.

but nothing there for Fail2ban ? . someone care to post

grep logpath -r /etc/fail2ban|grep asterisk

The Asterisk log file the Distro uses for fail2ban is not affected.

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That is good, Thanks @lgaetz

If this doesn’t apply to you (as It doesn’t for me), make sure you log-file is being properly populated.

All my FreePBX servers got the automatic update and stopped logging. This wasn’t discovered until I went to look for a particular event.

This bug is particularly nasty as there’s no indication the log files are turned off.

I rely upon these log files for diagnosing issues and forensic evaluation when a user reports a problem. Having them turned off is a very bad thing.

This is why I refuse to run automatic updates.

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2 out of 3 is bad…

I manually do updates and do quick checks afterwards but I never thought logging would be turned off thru a module upgrade. So I needed to check my asterisk.full log file and had a minor heart attack! Nothing!

What shocks me is that I have Asterisk Logfiles version 15.0.4 dated 07/28/20! Almost a month ago. So no logs from whenever I installed module updates which appears to be around August 4th. Ugh!

Thanks for the solutions! I do love this forum!!


PS. Sangoma, for those non power users but for those who may need to help them, please do another update with settings appropriately set. I’m certain you will even without this plea. Some folks may never know their logging is not functioning.

The inconsistency is because the bug changed the default log file settings. Bug in Asterisk Logfiles Module ver 15.0.4

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