putty/SSH telling me nothing

Several days ago I had a problem with FPBX and went into Putty/ssh which gave me lots of information however today it wont give me any information.

Today I entered IP of FPBX server- entered root & pw - entered “asterisk -rvvv” – nothing shows at CLI prompt.

Entered “Sip set debug on” and I get “sip debugging enabled” – nothing shows at CLI prompt.

I make a phone call expecting information to flow at CLI but I get nothing.

I have disabled the firewall…no change.

Is there a setting somewhere that has disabled the flow of info?

Any advice/suggestions?




If that doesn’t help, please post:
Asterisk Logfiles module version?
Any ‘edge’ modules installed?
Do Asterisk Logfile settings look normal?
Anything get logged in ‘full’ (not console) logs?

post the output of

mysql asterisk -e "select * from logfile_logfiles"

| Your system is currently up to date! |
| Your PBX is up to date. |
| Also 1 Uninstalled module. |
[[email protected] ~]# mysql asterisk -e “select * from logfile_lo gfiles”
±--------±------±-----±------±-----±-------±--------±--------±--------- +
| name | debug | dtmf | error | fax | notice | verbose | warning | security |
±--------±------±-----±------±-----±-------±--------±--------±--------- +
| console | | off | | off | | | | off |
| full | | off | | off | | | | off |

All the columns are out of wack but it appears most things are off and maybe things should be on?
I hope this makes sense to somebody.
In a nutshell its

Console dtmf = Off Fax=Off Security =Off
Full dtmf=Off Fax=Off Security =Off

How do I turn them on?

Edit…I changed Console and Full to ON under debug in “Asterisk Logfile settings” and that seems to have fixed it.
Is there anything else I should change???

from the gooey - > logfiles->files

error notice and warning are usually on and verbosity is 3,

Can anyone using the ‘distro’ fill in anything missing for fail2ban? It needs security error notice and warning and a file that has all these and is named such that f2b can ‘follow’ , it doesnt need verbose though

if you have lots of machines, variations of

ssh machine "mysql asterisk -e \"update logfile_logfiles set verbose='3' where name ='console'\""

will save time,

Thank you…Much appreciated!

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