Asterisk 16.15 DPMA 3.6.0 And Visual Voice Mail Not Working

I just installed all of the pending FreePBX module updates and FreePBX distro package updates. One of them upgraded was asterisk16-res_digium_phone-3.6.0-5.sng7.x86_64, (as well as Asterisk 16.15). After the update, our digium phones can no longer listen to voice mail using visual voice mail on the phone. They can see that the voice mails are there and push “play” on them, but it just bugs out and won’t play them. No error message is given. All of our digium phones are on firmware 2.9.9. We have a mix of D40s, D50s, D70s, D65s.

If we dial *97 we can listen to voice mail that way.

Open a support ticket of type Phone Support Service Request and share the ticket number with me on PM.

I’m trying to create the ticket and I don’t have any “registered products” on my account. I tried registering my digium D65 phone, I put in the MAC address as the serial number and it wouldn’t take it. Can I not add a digium phone as a “registered product”?

I just now was able to roll back DPMA on our server after hours and visual voice mail is working again. The issue definitely was caused by DPMA 3.6.0. We are now running on 3.5.5 again. I have versionlocked that module on our server until this is resolved.

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I’ve had the same issue here. Downgrading it fixed it for me as well.

I am having this issue as well. Is downgrading to 3.5.5 still the recommended fix? If so, what is the full exact command to do this?


I got it. Downgrading fixed it as you said. Thanks!

We’ve seen this issue too. Was surprised to see on a system that got updated last night that it still appears to be an issue.

I created an issue in the tracker:

There is a new version of DPMA published to the sangoma-devel repo that resolves this issue, DPMA version 3.6.3-rc1. Anyone who is in a position to test and provide feedback, is welcome to do so. Otherwise, it will be promoted to the packages repo in a few weeks.

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