Asterisk 14 EOL

From Matt Fredrickson via the Asterisk Dev List:

Hey All,

Just a friendly reminder for those still running 14.x versions of
Asterisk. In one week (on Sept 26th, 2018) the 14.x branch will
finally transition into the unsupported stage of its life cycle. It’s
already been in the state where it has been receiving only security
fixes for the past year, but on Sept. 26, 2018 it will stop receiving
those updates as well.

If you’re not on Asterisk 15.x (or 13.x), it’s a good time to start
moving forward.

You can read more about the lifecycle of major versions of Asterisk as
well as any other up and coming branch status changes at the Asterisk
Versions page on the wiki

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I thought 15 was going to be the next LTS - I have been migrating all my Boxes, but I saw this the other day…

Did Digium (Now a Sangoma Company…) change their minds?

No 15 was always a standard release. To many big changes in it. 16 with be a LTS.

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There was a general assumption prior to release but it was announced at last year’s Astricon that 15 was a stand release. I would recommend if you can’t attend physically follow along streaming to the developer conference.

A lot of what has been and what is to come gets covered.

I suppose this means I need to upgrade from PIAF Silver 1.4 then? :slight_smile:

Only if you can find all of the necessary bash scripts :slight_smile:

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