Assistance registering Cisco SPA504Gs

Hi Everyone,

Total PBX Newbie here, I’ve installed the distro and configured it according to the distro Setup guide. I have purchased endpoint manager and gone through the steps of setting up the config, extensions etc. I have a couple of SPA504G’s here, but I cannot for the life of me establish how to get them registered to freepbx. I have googled, and read everything I can find. From my reading, I assume I need to enter the IP of the PBX, and maybe a port number into the web interface of each handset (or the handset itself), but I cannot work out where. I feel really stupid!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Edit: Have done some more reading: could this issue be because I have no configurable DHCP on site and therefor can’t use the magical “option 66”?


Are you trying to auto-provision them or do you want to configure them manually?

If you want to configure the phones manually using their web GUI, let me know and I will be happy to guide you.

I am trying to auto provision, but what ever will get them working is fine by me!! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Let me turn my spa504g back on so I can remember which fields to fill in, but they are basically asterisk IP, extension number, extension password, and that should at least get you started. Phone should at least register and be able to make and receive calls.

… and remember that Cisco uses short passwords. The SPA504G is 30 characters, 7642G is 12, and the 7940 is 8. The 7910 doesn’t use a password since it’s a SCCP only phone (but is supported in FreePBX with Chan-SCCP-B).

Thanks guys, I managed to register the handsets and they work internally fine. Now to resolve some SIP trunk challenges.