Apply Config - Registration Issues

Current Asterisk Version: 13.29.2

I have noticed this issue for some time now and through at least a couple of FreePBX upgrades. Anytime I do a change, the Apply Config button shows. As soon as I press it to apply the changes, all phones drop registration and they will not register back again unless I either reboot the entire server, or I log into the CLI and issue the fwconsole restart command. Once I do that, phones register back up and everything is back to normal. I thought Apply Config was supposed to do the same thing, but doing it alone seems to break registrations. The trunks stay connected and registered, it’s just phones. I’ve noticed that this issue happens on multiple different FreePBX servers, both running different phones (Polycom and Yealink). Any ideas on this? Anything I can pay attention to while going through this process to help narrow down the cause?


I had the same issue

Settings >> Asterisk SIP Settings >> Chan PJSIP Settings >> Allow Transports Reload “No”

Nice! Thanks for that. I tried finding that but I didn’t use the right keywords. I like how that option is enabled by default with the following description: “Allow transports to be reloaded when the PBX is reloaded. Enabling this is not recommended, and may lead to issues.” I will make sure it is disabled going forward.

Thanks again!

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