Applied updates now I have a flame next to asterisk on dashboard

I just updated my FreePBX distro. I applied 2 of 3 updates in modules including Sysadmin & Framework (I dont have the 3rd) to the latest and when I went to perform system updates there were several hundred? I update frequently and was surprised at how many there were. I ran the update and around 252/350+ there were a few error messages but it kept on going. When it was all done I rebooted my PBX and now there is a flame next to ASTERISK on the dashboard and when I hover over it the bubble says “unable to find asterisk results”. I appear to be able to make/get calls fine? Should I be worried?


No worries at all. After a few minutes of Asterisk running it will go away. Check again.

Yes it did finally go away. Everytime I reboot now Its there for several hours?

I have had nothing but problems now with the PBX all day! It takes hours for the flame to go away, all this time I have no graph for asterisk on dashboard and my IVR and extensions or not working properly.

What version of Asterisk? There were issues with specific versions (now fixed) in case you’re not aware:

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THANK YOU! I am so glad there is a way to “downgrade” never knew that existed! Just ran downgrade, service is back to normal!

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