Application: PLAYBACK(ss-NoService)

Hello everyone,

I am new to asterisk. I have downloaded and
installed AsteriskNow without any issue (x64). I have setup the TRUNK,
Inbound Route, Outbound Route and an IVR. The inbound route is set to
send ALL calls to the IVR. I have setup (internal extensions 1x on PC
with ZOIPER, 1x PC with XLite and 1x on iphone via 3cx client). The
system works fine for outbound and with inbound calls I randomly get the “The number you dialed is no longer in service…” When this happens it shows up as in the 2 e.g.'s below. Furthermore, it seems that the calls are received into the PBX, just that they don’t get routed to the IVR.

2015-03-18 04:00:59 1426676459.21 71XXXXXXXX Playback s [from-sip-external] ANSWERED 00:05

2015-03-18 00:45:28 1426664728.14 71XXXXXXXX Congestion s [from-sip-external] ANSWERED 00:10

As you can see I have tried this at odd hours to see if there is issues
with bandwidth or channels. I have verified the settings for the SIP
Trunk with my provider and they seems to think it is NOT on their side.

The TRUNK Settings are as listed below: -

I have “x’ed” out the sensitive info.

I have ‘3 Channels’ and ‘Allow Any CIDs’

Since my INBOUND calls are experiencing this I am focusing on just INBOUND

As I am new I am not sure if dial plan means INBOUND route(s). I have 2
1. Any In/Any Out > Destination : Terminate Call > Hangup
2. MySipProvider > Destination : IVR > Welcome
This has also the CID of the main number from the SIP provider

As for dial pattern, then in the TRUNK section they are


  •    | 1NXXNXXXXXX
  •   |  NXXXXXX

I am US based. I don’t have any groups etc. I just want every call to go to the IVR and
route from there, aside from the caller knowing the extension and
dialing that during playing of the IVR.
I would appreciate any and all assistance.

Thank you.