I am looking for an API I can include in my CRM tool to view the status if extensions like what “sip show peers” command gives.
Would also like the store the last known IP address from each extension.
Would also like to make basic changes on accounts from my CRM tool

Anyone have documentation I can give my programmers?

I appreciate your comment. Do you have any idea on how to use a better platform and software for around the same price? I am starting this up with little money and building the cash flow. So far for the past year it has worked great for the most part. I am totally willing to hear ideas on how to do it better though…

I can answer that for you. 2.9 is in beta, so you would have to load the beta.

It adds a “channel unavailable” destination. You can set it to whatever you want, however the find me follow me has the most applicability in your situation.

Load 2.9 on a test box and try the new feature out.

The more feedback on the beta the better the final version.

The find me follow me could not possibly work in my situation could it? I sell to businesses, hunting phone lines. If all extensions are busy I don’t want it to forward to cell, but if their internet goes out, I want it to go to their cell phone. If new version helps, I may try when I can, using Synapse to host it, and that version isn’t available yet.

Wow - I am not sure what to even say.

FreePBX is not designed as a commercial softswitch let alone the thought of a “provider” running an EOL version of FreePBX on a virtual hosting platform.

If you use FreePBX in this environment, you certainly can use this new feature to do what you want. It’s a hack and I can’t imagine why you would not use software designed for this purpose.

Question 1 - Look for documentation on Asterisk Manager Interface
Question 2 - Use the Find Me Follow Me feature

Concerning the Call Forward on ‘no connection’

that has been implemented in 2.9 using the CHANUAVAIL destination.

You can use that to do something else with the call if that specific condition exists. Example, you could have a Follow-Me that is not normally accessed but in the case of CHANUNAVAIL, send it to the FollowMe where the user portal can be used to define what to do with the call.

Philippe, how do I do that?

Before I started using FREEPBX I had a feature with a company I bought resale from call Call Forward on no connection and that would automatically forward calls when there was no connection to the SIP device. Anyone know how I can add that feature?