AOR Not Found?

When I boot up a new handset that has a extension mapped to (in this case 3201)it the asterisk log says
[2018-12-11 07:19:39] WARNING[10194] res_pjsip_registrar.c: AOR ‘3201’ not found for endpoint ‘3201’
And the sip extension will not register.
The only way I have found to get around this is to go into the GUI and pull up the extension. go into the advanced tab and change the sip driver version from CHAN_PJSIP to CHAN_SIP and then back to PJSIP and it will come right up no issue. from then on it seems solid where the IP of the phone and everything could change and it will stay registered.
Has anyone seen this before or know why its happening. Its getting pretty monotonous to go into every extension x300 and change that driver.
I have already tried to export the extensions, modify the CSV and then re-import as CHAN_SIP, export again and change back to PJ_SIP and re-import… however that only reset all of my other extensions I did manually back to the AOR not found.

If it helps at all when I look at an extension that is working with PJSIP show endpoint XXXX the AOR line shows an IP address where as one of the ones that isnt working shows no AOR line.

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