Anyone using the REST API module?

I want to hook into FreePBX remotely and do some things programmatically as a long-term project. Should I consider using the REST API module or am I looking at a world of pain?

Some concerns I have are if there are enough people using it such that bugs are being reported. If there is enough motivation by developers to continue to maintain it etc. Things of that nature. Looking at the changelog, the last update/fix to the REST API module was 2019, back when the old guard was still working on it.

The REST API module is long deprecated. The path forward is the API module in 15+ (sometimes informally referred to as GraphQL). The API module is in active development as evidenced by these recent blog posts: (first announcement)

and wiki pages:

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Ah ok. I see now there is a PBX API module in addition to the REST API module. I will check it out. Still listed as Alpha status but at least it is recent.

Where are you seeing that wording? It needs to be updated.

First line on this page

The module looks like it has REST features in addtion to GraphQL. So maybe a continuation from the old module? It supports machine to machine so that is a good start.

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