Anyone use Vitelity?

Is anyone here using Vitelity for SIP trunks? If so how are they working for you? Do they support T.38 faxing?

I use them. They do support T38, and they also have some type of adapter and service they sell that is supposed to guarantee faxing over IP. I have 160 DiDs and do about 1500 calls/day, and only had one instance in last year and a half where a DiD was down, and that was a telco issue.

Is T.38 enabled on all trunks or do you need their extra fax service?

I have used Vitelity for over two years now. Both for DID and Fax termination - They have a platform called Vfax - the adapter is $99.00 and gives you two fax ports per device. My clients have sent thousands of faxes using the Vfax platform without any major issues. When they first rolled out the service they had a few outages during deployment.

We have to do something because sipstation t.38 no longer works with new DID’s and they don’t have a time-frame to fix it.

Checkout SIP.US they have been great so far. I use them for faxing as well. I use the Fax Pro module in FreePBX for inbound/outbound

I’ve used Vitelity with a number of clients for many years now. No one service is without problems every now and then, but of the several VoIP providers I’ve dealt with over the years, and there are MANY more I haven’t ever dealt with, these guys have been GREAT! I can email or call and get someone to assist me in relatively short order, if not immediately (during business hours). Their portal is intuitive and functional. Though I don’t ever mess with T.38, and haven’t yet had any needs for the vFax, I wholeheartedly can recommend them!

Just tried SIP.US and it seems great! T.38 works fine. It even gives you a free DID to test with for 4 hours. Question though… their FreePBX module works great but gives me an unsigned module warning, any idea how to fix that?

I currently have that problem also. They say to remove and redownload the module, however its technically not an official module so you will keep getting that error. I just left it and everything is working properly.

Well now I have to port all my numbers again. :frowning: Wish that was free! Also wish sipstation would fix their problems!

What SIPStation issues. I monitor all tickets weekly that support works on in SIPStation and we get less then a few a week on any issues and rarely is it a SIPStation issue. We have not had a service outage in over a year.

T.38 is not available on new DID’s. I don’t want to switch but I’m being forced to.

Here is what support told me…

"it appears that upstream carriers are randomly choosing to drop support for T38 on inbound FAXing. That being said we can not, at the moment, promise that T38 will work on every DID on every call. There is work being done to try and resolve what we can, but there is no time frame. "

“No time frame” doesn’t cut it.

Have used Vitelity for well over 6 years. Solid service and responsive. I used some other providers in parallel for a while out of fear of a lack of diversity, but I dropped them one by one as they moved away from per minute pricing to significantly higher cost monthly services offerings. At this point Vitelity has a proven track record with me for solid service and stability of their service offerings, and I don’t sweat not having a hot backup.

I count myself among the legions committed to shunning FAX technology into obsolescence, so I have no experience with Vitelity’s T.38 support. I will say that the voice side of my network is engineered for VoIP, so it is optimized for real-time (pro-best effort, anti-reliable) voice, which does not work well at all for FAX even with T.38. For real time voice you want to toss late and out of sequence packets because they are largely useless by the time they arrive. FAX on the other hand, including T.38, is susceptible to the packet losses encountered and really needs a (anti-best effort, pro-reliable) more reliable transport like TCP, which can be a disaster for voice. Consequently, it’s not surprising that one might run into issues when trying to get reliability grantees out of providers with respect to FAX.

I know we’re a long way from FAX going the way of the Telex, but I can only hope.

Couldn’t agree more about the faxing however our HR, purchasing and accounting department seem to love it. Our employee handbook even says if you want something sent securely, send it with a fax instead of email. I talked with Vitelity today and am calling them again tomorrow.

I can report that I have a total of six offices using the Vitelity FaxEnable devices, and so far they are flawless! The principle here is that they receive the Fax, convert it to an encrypted file, send it to the adapter as a file transfer, and then the adapter calls the fax machine locally, and sends the document. Since the internet transfer is not real-time, there are no dropouts or disconnects. You also get a copy of the fax on the website, and I believe it can be set to forward as an email as well.

Due to this system, you can actually send a fax to yourself!
It’s a little more expensive than using a VOIP connection, but WAY less than an analog phone line.

Vitelity was acquired by Onvoy last year. I have always liked their Customer Support and responsiveness, few changes since re-aquisition for me, they have been “5 nines” since then, and the same knowledgeable guy is usually on the phone ( go figure how :wink: )

I send many thousands of fax pages a month over T30/G711 with them, the failure rate is no worse nor better than T30 over TDM/PSTN or other providers who support T38 ( I swing both ways and have good networks, if your connectivity is marginal then T30 would be a problem)


I’m sold. My numbers are scheduled to be ported next week.

We’ve been using Vitelity for about 7 years. Excellent customer service. Even when its an issue at my end. Very few outages that appear to be attributed to them, and they send out an alert whenever they have a known outage.

Fax performance got a LOT better when I installed the Pro Fax module. Plus that module makes it easier to send outgoing faxes.

I would also throw into the mix Anveo and Gafachi, both do outbound T38 and given enough minutes they are very competitive and global.

I have had good luck with Flowroute. They have pay as you go and unlimited options and T.38 works well and is included in the service at no additional charge.