Anyone else noticing Vitelity's slow death rattle?

I’m just curious if anyone else been noticing the slow death of Vitelity? While they’ve never been one of my primary vendors, I have used them for years. When Onvoy bought them, no big deal really. I had stuff going with Onvoy already and they pretty much let Vitelity be themselves. Once Voyant came in and bought Onvoy, it just started to get worse. On the one hand, the stuff I had with Onvoy directly not much as changed. On the flip side, Vitelity seems be in the process of being dismantled.

So far I’ve noticed not only pricing changing on things without warning, certain features for services were removed with no warning and now functions in the portal are missing. It just seems they are trying to get legacy Vitelity customers to either step up to a serious contract or just get out.

Any other Vitelity user’s feeling the same way?

I left Vitelity a few years ago, so I couldn’t tell you.

But They were never one of my major choices.

Right, they are mainly a backup backup for routes.

I’ve been with Vitelity since the Sixtel days. They were my primary provider until I retired in 2009 and ported most numbers to cheaper VoSPs. I kept a US 800 number, used only for demos and testing, which was picked up on a promo ($0.20/mo. + $0.019/min.) in 2005. When Onvoy took over, they grandfathered the pricing but moved it to another carrier, causing blocked caller IDs to no longer come through. Support offered three options: keep the degraded service, switch back to the original carrier (O1) and pay the current rate of $0.024/min., or switch to Bandwidth at $0.019 but limited to US48. I took the last option and it’s been fine since.

In 2010, having fax reliability issues with the cheap VoSPs, I signed up for their vFax (888 number, $2.99/mo. + $0.03/min. in or out). They are a Faxage reseller and service has been flawless. After the Onvoy merger, they reduced the retention time for faxes from forever to 180 days.

Other than the issues above, no downgrades or deterioration has been observed.

Of course, Vitelity no longer accepts any new retail customers. It’s not clear what minimums are required for VoSPs or channel partners. However, I’ve seen no evidence that end users are about to be kicked off – they still accept payments as low as $15.

Yes They’ve been dying for a while. Support is impossible to get without waiting 24 hours to have your issue resolved. Pricing is high? Why use them anyways? Vfax is one, but the problem with store and forward fax is if you use a physical fax machine, you never get a notice that a fax failed. You can setup an email address for notifications though, but some people don’t use fax like that. I’ve been using for any new stuff. XMPP SMS is the other unique feature. Other than that, there are better options.

Since Vitelity was aquired by Voyant they have switched to targeting the reseller and wholesale market.

We are on a wholesale contract with them and I pretty much have no complaints. Our monthly minimum is $300.

Pricing is ok imo and when you open a ticket you usually get a response in a matter of a few hours.

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