Any way to sync UCP contacts with user's Google Contacts?

I have one user who called me up today and wants to be able to import his contacts from Google Contacts into his FreePBX User Control Panel contacts, or sync his Google Voice contacts with his UCP contacts in some way. My understanding is that it’s possible to import contacts into the general contact manager, but then these are available to every user on the system. The problem is that he’s showed me his Google Contacts list and he has several hundred contacts(!) and many of them have rather “colorful” descriptive names that are arguably not appropriate for others to see.

I’m just trying to determine whether there is any way to import contacts into an individual user’s contacts list. I don’t mind using the command line to do it; in fact if I can do it that way I can probably use a bash script to update his contacts at regular intervals, but I would just need to know if it’s possible and if so, what command(s) I would need to use to import contacts into his personal lists.

Or is there a better way to give him the ability to click on a name and have it place a call? He can do it directly in Google Contacts but then it uses some generic, out-of-state Caller ID number and often the call recipient won’t answer, because they have no idea who’s actually calling. Is there some type of browser add-on he could run or something like that, that would intercept his clicks on the Google Contacts page and instead place the calls via FreePBX?

Please open a feature request at

You should be able to export a csv…

Then you can import them in.

I understand that it is possible to export a CSV in Google Contacts but there is no way I’m aware of to import them into the individual user’s contacts in the UCP, without making them generally available to everyone else on the system.

@reconwireless suggestion for something a bit more hands off is correct, file a ticket. If you need something more immediate the above workaround should do ok.


I didn’t see individual user… This definitely should be filed as a feature request

I created one at

I hope I did it correctly, please edit it if I didn’t do it right.

It works!!! It’s an Import feature, not a real sync, but I think is a good compromise.