Announcements through Paging and Intercom Does not Disconnect


I’m attempting to broadcast an emergency announcement using the Paging and Intercom module through all of the phones. Everything works as expected except I’ve found that the phones do not automatically terminate the call after the announcement is complete. Through further investigation, I’ve found that if the caller initiating the announcement remains on for the duration of the announcement then hangs up, it will disconnect as expected. If the caller hangs up while the announcement is still playing the phones all remain connected indefinitely. Does anyone know of a work around for this?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

That sounds buggy to me, but now that you know the workaround…

Have you submitted at ticket on the “Issues” tab (top of the page) to go along with this, just in case it is a bug?

Hi, I having the same issue before I upgraded to paging pro.
I can not sure whether pro version is more advance on this.

So far, I like the Schedule & Valet Style Paging features.
But it still has room for improvement, like Valet mode should ask for confirmation before start the paging…

… and nothing will get improved or fixed if you don’t submit Feature Requests.

Actually, I have already submitted some recently but yet get any reply.

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