Announcements gets played twice

Hello Everybody

I have a strange behavior of my PBX. I created several Announcements, whitch get played over several Timeconditions.
The problem i have now is, that all Announcements get played twice. When i check the Extensions.conf-File, i can see the Announcements and in the Playback-Command there are all files, whitch have to be played twice.

When i check it in the Soundrecordings-Module, there are the files only once.

Is there something known or did i do something wrong? Has anyone an idea, what the problem could be?

I am using the FreePBX-Distro with FreePBX 13.0.38 and Asterisk 13.6.0.

Thank you for your help

Remo Stirnimann

Hi Remo
I have had this issue and I realised that when there are 2 files ( 2 Recording according to the image above) the system will play one after each other and that way you will here the announcment twice.
I have just rectified my duplicate recording files in the FreePBX and the 2 anouncement has gone and the system is playing it once and all.

Have a great time and thanks for sharing the picture to make it easier for me and for you