Ancient FreePBX VM Goes to Provider, not FPBX

I’m getting a lot better at FreePBX, but this one is weird.

One of our Users has Follow-Me set on their extension. One of a few & it works fine. Normally.

Recently, one of the outside crew called that ext. by DID & instead of ringing through to the cell (via Follow-Me) or going to our internal Voicemail, it went to the VM at the Provider ( This Provider-VM issue has been a BIG problem in the past, but I thought I’d beaten it into a bit-bucket. Now, other than this oddity, only takes VMs when we’re actually offline.

From the logs, it would appear the call flow went (Cell#) -> DID -> FollowMe -> VM. (yes, I know there’s no log for that last step) The two co-workers had exchanged calls a couple of times before & after this moment within a half-hour. I cannot confirm the odd call rang the FM target cell #.

This may not be a Follow-Me problem, but I can’t see any other reason. Obviously we can’t reproduce this on demand, and it only happened the one time.

I’m asking any experts in ancient FPBX who may be reading this to put on your Hypothetical Cap & postulate on what conditions might cause such behavior. I’ll do the heavy lifting, I’d just appreciate a clue as to where I should look.

If it helps, one other oddity I noticed is one time, I dialed an internal 3-digit extension & got the same VM prompt.

So I’d appreciate a general dissertation on what (other than offline) causes calls to divert to the Provider’s VM instead of getting into FreePBX.

The biggest problem I have is, none of the problems I find are reproducible. Often they only happen one time ever. I’m responsible for answering ‘why’, so thank you in advance for pointing my tired old head into the right quadrant of the Universe.



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