[Amportal-devel] Fwd: Ceasing FreePBX Operations

Hello all,

FYI - this morning the following email was sent to customers of Coalescent

I would like to thank all of you for your interest and hard work on
AMP/FreePBX. A heart-filled kudos goes out to Rob, Mark, Greg, Diego, Ron,
Julian, Joe, Phillipe, and others who have been active developers. We’ve
created a truly amazing product that continues to get better.

I would also like to thank Rob Thomas for agreeing to take over stewardship of
the project. I will sleep well at night knowing that it is in GREAT hands!

For myself, I’ll disappear for a while, and concentrate on the other arm of
our business (gabcast.com). In the future, I do hope to lend a helping hand
by picking up freepbx as a hobby.

Thanks again,

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Subject: Ceasing FreePBX Operations
Date: Wednesday 24 May 2006 09:28
From: Jason Becker [email protected]
To: [email protected]

To our valued customers,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Coalescent Systems is
ceasing our stewardship and commercial support of FreePBX (formerly
Asterisk Management Portal).

Rob Thomas, a prominent FreePBX developer will take over stewardship of

We kindly ask that customers that have purchased support use up that
support time prior to close-of-business June 30th, 2006.

For the latest FreePBX news please visit http://www.freepbx.org

Thank you to all our customers that have availed themselves of our
services over the past two years - we are sincerely grateful.


Jason Becker
Coalescent Systems Inc.

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I’d like to give a hearty thanks to Coalescent for all the money, time and effort they put into AMP and FreePBX (I know you guys saved ME a lot of time!) and I want to voice my support for Rob and his stewardship of FreePBX in future.

I may even volunteer to be an official part of the project in some way. Oooer. :slight_smile: