AMI and Voicemail

With AMI am creating a piece of software to allow users to monitor their voicemail

For now beg to see if there are messages through:

Action: MailboxCount
Mailbox: “extension”

I can not find the commands to get a list of messages
"Maybe this could do it directly on the file system …"

But more importantly there is a way to mark them as read ???

The unread vmails are in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/(ext)/INBOX when the are read they are moved to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/(ext)/Old you would have to rename them appropriately and move them from INBOX to Old to have them “marked” as read.

A quick reference to all AMI command can be browed from the Asterisk CLI with :-

manager show commands

so :-
manager show command MailBoxStatus

would do just that

In fact, little ago I noticed that just operate on the file system and Asterisk notices more …

Another thing now is to make the interface to work on this thing …

… I am beginning now and I see that I can put together …

Dicko excuse I have not thanked you for the help

Couple of scripts to get you started


I took inspiration online

It was not difficult

Basically you download the file to make it feel …

I move with copy anointing and the gate …

To check if the file is present just to double check and use a “str_pad” to complete the 0

If anyone needs to contact me details

LOL. I love the Italian to English translator.

Thanks, Claudio for the note back.

:slight_smile: English translator without restraint, I’m sorry but my english is bad

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Not to worry - we’d rather you ran it through Google Translate than post in Italian. :slight_smile:

A lot of folks here have been working with forums for a long time, so we understand a lot of what gets posted through GT. The part that made me laugh was “I move with copy anointing”. It isn’t every day you see the word “anointing” (which is English for “Benedetta da Dio”) in a technical post.