Am I eligible or not?

the upgrade tool advises me to check if all my modules are eligibles for 13to14 upgrade (in system admin - activation)

But I don’t understand… please see the image below, no mentions about compatibility with v14.
So, can I try the upgrade or not?


They appear to all be commercial modules, all of which I believe are all supported and compatible with FreePBX 14…

That said, are you running the FreePBX distro? With so many commercial modules and the need for them to be supported you most likely are…

If you are running the FreePBX 13 distro the distro upgrade “script” is still beta and it is not recommended to run it on a Production machine at this time.

Have a nice day!


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Thank you @Marbled.

Yes, I run freepbx distro.

Yes I know. But it’s a vm… I take a snapshot and a vm replica then I try in night hours… :slight_smile:
If I have problem, just revert the snapshot.

Would suggest to do a full backup on your current box before “messing” with it.

(It takes a few minutes to complete, and copy to anywhere other than on the PBX itself, but it’s worth, iv’e learned the hard way…)

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