Allow Transport Reload

In the past (more than a year ago) FreePBX used to have by default ‘Allow Transport Reload’ set to No.

It used to cause audio issues, since the (external?) contact address(es) wasn’t written to transports unless it was reloaded.

The FreePBX devs changed the default to Yes.

Recently I see community members encouraging users to disable it. So what’s the deal here? Did something break recently that causes these issues and the workaround is not to reload transports?

If these issues were always there, why was it changed back then to have the default of Yes? Considering all these issues which can be caused by having it set to Yes. And how come we see only now a wave of these issues being reported?

P.S. this is not a rant. Rather I’d like to understand what’s happening here. Sorry if I came across wrong.

So I guess when you do want to reload transports you have to restart Asterisk?

How about a button like EPM has: Save, Save & Rebuild, Save Rebuild & Update Phones. Should be something like: Apply Config, or Apply Config and Reload Transports?

How often is it really necessary to reload transports? Don’t you set them up with the initial configuration of your PBX and then leave them alone unless you have a major system reconfiguration?

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