Allow Call Recordings to be played from external site (like CRM)

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I use a CRM (suitecrm) which has been integrated with FreePBX using AMI. Current integration is limited to logging a call based on numbers saved against a lead in the CRM.

I would like to ideally either send a link to the CRM which allows playback (preferably without login or I don’t even mind if a login is required as long as its not a full ADMIN login for FreePBX) - if a link isn’t possible, send the recording over to the CRM through an API.

I’ve tried searching for this on the forums and around the internet but couldn’t find a good working solution.

Problem that I’m trying to solve = Currently I can see how many/how often a call was made to a specific lead. I am however unable to see what the conversation was - I do have comments added in the CRM but sometimes it’s nice to see what the exact conversation was. I would have to switch between the CRM and UCP in order to complete this task. I’m looking for an easier solution.

Current Asterisk Version: 13.32.0
API currently in use is a modified version of

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Anyone? :frowning:


I don’t have a direct answer for you but I bet you could start with this module to get a lot of the functionally you require.

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The real question is “where do you want the links for the calls to show up?”

If you’re willing to search by phone number, the CDR report or one of the other call reporting components could easily do what you are doing. If you want to calls to be connected to specific actions in your CRM, you’ll need to figure out how you want the call linked. The CRM AGI script can (and should ) report the UniqueID of the call (a timestamp the system uses) and you can connect the calls via this unique ID. The path to the files is always the same (although it may vary from implementation to implementation) so once you know the Unique ID, your goal is pretty much achieved.

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