All Extentions go unreachable once a day

System Setup:

  1. Router is USG-3P
  2. Lan connects into Unifi 24 port managed Switch
  3. Freepbx14 installed on a HP Desktop Computer (SIP service provided by Vitelity) connected to Unifi switch
  4. 3 Grandstream FXS Gateways & Yealink T48S IP Phone as the extentions, all connected to the unifi switch

About once a day we loose all the extensions to unreachable, once i restart Asterisk it all comes back and works for about an day or so. I originally thought it was DHCP lease running out and causing the endpoints to drop registrations. So, i set all of the endpoints to static IP address. That didn’t fix the issue, then one of the suggestions was udp setting on the USG might cause it, So i moved that to 300, but that didn’t fix it either. I Know its something simple that I am overlooking but need someone to just point me in the right direction to check. Please if you have any idea what the issue might be?

Asterisk version? Removal of Asterisk 13.26.0-1 and Asterisk 15.7.2-1

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Current Asterisk Version: 13.26.0

Run asterisk-version-switch and choose 13 or 16.

I downgraded to 13.22 following the post you sent in the first reply. Thanks for the quick response @lgaetz, I hope this is the fix. will update in 24 hours, in the mean time if anyone has dealt with this or fixed this before, your input would be appreciated! Thanks!

The issue was probably your Asterisk version, 13.26, which was found to be very unstable, so the first thing to try is to downgrade to 13.22, as was explained by @lgaetz

Test that version and check if the issue is solved.

Hey Guys,

Here is the update, it seems we have gone three days with no drops, I can say that indeed it was the version of asterisk that was causing the issue. Thanks for all the help! Hope this helps someone else.

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