All Circuits are Busy Now SIPStation


I have gotten my sip station trial but when I make an outbound call I get the error All circuits are busy now.

In the trunk I do see this error:

However I have routes like SIPStation-Out and OUTbound (custom configured) like this:

with more

But I get the error even when dialing correctly

PLease help, thnks

you only have 11 digit routes, you are only dialing 10digits, either add 1 to your dialstring or add nxxnxxxxxx to your routes

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No, that is not the problem I only showed a portion of the outbound routes to show I had them configured properly

You didn’t show NXXNXXXXXX so how would we know?

use sngrep to drill down on a failed call.

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Ok, how can I do this? I am new to FPBX and Asterisk not sure where to find these logs and such

at a shell prompt type

man sngrep

consume it then type

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I’ve read through the manual, still a little confused on how to use this tool

use your arrow keys and enter, ? for help

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Looking through a call a bit I notice an unauthorized error

I do not know what is causing it

So the extension will try again with better security, it always happens, you will that the second attempt works but you are getting a 503 from the far end

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what, I couldn’t understand.

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Don’t think I found the cause from that article. This is peculiar as I cannot find anyone else that has had the same issue as me.

post the the drilled down 503 part of the session

The sngrep output you posted shows only communication between extension and PBX – there is nothing between PBX and trunk. But, given that you are hearing “all circuits are busy now”, I am guessing that Asterisk thinks the trunk is unavailable so it doesn’t even try.

In Reports → Asterisk Info → Peers, do you see the trunk listed under PJSIP as Avail, or under CHANSIP as OK? If not, post details.

Do incoming calls work properly? If not, what, if anything, appears in sngrep on an attempt?

All Sipstation new accounts require a live verbal call to verify your acct. It says this when you sign up. Did you do the live call to verify your new sipstation acct??? If not, you’ll get that all circuits are busy. It will work initially sometimes when we sign uo new clients but if the verification call doesnt take place pretty quickly you start getting the all circuits are busy…

Just a suggestion…

Silly question, but you do have your trunk included in Outbound Routes, under the Route Settings tab → the Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes? I’m curious as to why FPBX would tell you that the trunk wasn’t used by any outbound routes.

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There’s no route settings tab