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recently i upgraded my network and after doing so i have a few things not working. im asking for help with this one. we have a button on the cicso phone that is labeled All Call. when i log in to the phone is says “fnc=sd;ext=#00*@$PROXY;vid=1;nme=All Call”
the problem is that when i hit the button it says “all circuits are busy please try again later”.
i recently upgraded my server and when i did we created a new DNS and DHCP scope. i have managed to get most of it working.
when i look on the system i cannot find a extention or paging or anything with 00.
can someone tell me what i can try to fix it or where to look?

#00* would have to be some kind of Feature Code.

How would I do that? Engineering on the fly:

  • Set up a Ring Group with all your phones in it.
  • Add a Misc Application (maybe) with “#00*” as the Feature Code and set the destination to call your Ring Group using a Custom Dial Context.

That might be a start.

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A Paging Group may work as well (via Misc Application)

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hello, i have found out more info. the #00* goes to a paging system called telecenter ics intercom. it does the page on a intercom system we have.
im thinking it might not be an issue on the PBX but just to be safe i have one more question.
the IP DHDP are different.
is there anything in the PBX that would need a updated IP address to send the info to it?

I’ve been looking through the documentation, and the short answer “Holy Cow, Yes!”

The ICS system is an entire, independent intercom phone system. I don’t know how you had it connected before (I’m going to guess either as an extension or through a trunk), but yeah, you’re going to have to figure out what the old address was and reprogram the PBX and the ICS using the new phone configuration.

I’d suggest calling Rauland and see if they can walk you through the steps to get this working again.

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