AGI not playing sound

(Gunther Hebein) #1


exten => s,n,agi(propolys-tts.agi,“Willkommen”,“google_speech”,"/usr/bin/node")

does not play any sound.

Any hint?

(Gunther Hebein) #2

Returns [2020-10-16 16:07:51] WARNING[14622][C-00000155]: format_wav.c:111 check_header_fmt: Unexpected frequency mismatch 24000 (expecting 8000)
[2020-10-16 16:07:51] WARNING[14622][C-00000155]: file.c:475 fn_wrapper: Unable to open format wav
– <SIP/104-0000038b> Playing ‘tts/google_speech-tts-862e82ae5be80b6b88bfa55b2c6c7e4c.slin’ (escape_digits=#) (sample_offset 0) (language ‘de_DE’)
– <SIP/104-0000038b>AGI Script propolys-tts.agi completed, returning 4

(Communication Technologies) #3

Can you try to convert audio with wav 8000hz?

(Gunther Hebein) #4

Thanks for your reply. I am using these scripts here:

so it actually should be 8000.
Works fine from Freeppbx, but not with agi.

(Hebein) #5

Same here? anyone?

(Communication Technologies) #6

Do you have the correct permissions on the AGI, and subsequent files.

(Gunther Hebein) #7

They are all asterisk:asterisk

(Dave Burgess) #8

That’s ownership, which is kind of the same. The permissions are the rwx… entry. In Unix-like systems, permissions can be set up to lock even the owner of a file out of the file, so while the ownership is right, the permissions may be wrong.

“fwconsole chown” should fix them for you.

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