AGI not playing sound


exten => s,n,agi(propolys-tts.agi,“Willkommen”,“google_speech”,"/usr/bin/node")

does not play any sound.

Any hint?

Returns [2020-10-16 16:07:51] WARNING[14622][C-00000155]: format_wav.c:111 check_header_fmt: Unexpected frequency mismatch 24000 (expecting 8000)
[2020-10-16 16:07:51] WARNING[14622][C-00000155]: file.c:475 fn_wrapper: Unable to open format wav
– <SIP/104-0000038b> Playing ‘tts/google_speech-tts-862e82ae5be80b6b88bfa55b2c6c7e4c.slin’ (escape_digits=#) (sample_offset 0) (language ‘de_DE’)
– <SIP/104-0000038b>AGI Script propolys-tts.agi completed, returning 4

Can you try to convert audio with wav 8000hz?

Thanks for your reply. I am using these scripts here:

so it actually should be 8000.
Works fine from Freeppbx, but not with agi.

Same here? anyone?

Do you have the correct permissions on the AGI, and subsequent files.

They are all asterisk:asterisk

That’s ownership, which is kind of the same. The permissions are the rwx… entry. In Unix-like systems, permissions can be set up to lock even the owner of a file out of the file, so while the ownership is right, the permissions may be wrong.

“fwconsole chown” should fix them for you.

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