After install Digium Addons blank /admin/config.php page


I have install the Digium Addons with this command:

sudo mv centos-asterisk.repo /etc/yum.repos.d
sudo yum install freepbx-digiumaddoninstaller

And afther that i have a blank admin page.
The system is working, the fax is also working now but no admin page :frowning:

Can some one help me, thanks.



I have yum erase freepbx-digiumaddoninstaller and now works admin again. And the fax still works.


Yes that module is broke and actually breaks all of FreePBX when you try to install it. Don’t use it

DPMA is already a part of Asterisk 11. So Start there.

Digium keeps their module in an RPM. Here is a detailed walk through by Malcom from Digium:

So…you can’t use DPMA with FreePBX anymore?

Digium Addons is not the same thing as DPMA. Nowhere did we say you can’t use DPMA.

No one did say you can’t use DPMA, this is true. And I grant you Digium Phones Addons is not the same as Digium Phones Module. But as you may have guessed by now, I can’t seem to sort out how to use DPMA with FreePBX installed nor can I find the FreePBX Digium Phones Module. Searching this website for FreePBX Digium Phones Module does not lead thusly. Provisioning your Digium phones using DPMA manually requires your SIP peer settings to be in sip.conf but FreePBX doesn’t use sip.conf. At least this is as far as I can get with it. If there is a module for FreePBX that let’s me set up and provision Digium Phones, please post a link. If I need the new End Point Manager please let me know and I will purchase it. I have multiple units of every D Series Digium phone, all brand new. This is what I am trying to deploy. But for the life of me it seems like choosing to run the combination of FreePBX, Certified Asterisk and DPMA appears to have been a mistake.

I guess that last post was too long. I have DMPA installed. It works in so far as it loads. The problem is Digium D40-50-70 phones I provision using the DPMA PIN based provisioning don;t load SIP settings even though the Peer is successfully set up in Asterisk via FreePBX. Is anybody actually using the DPMA to provision phones who are using FreePBX? Not using it for the extended phone features, provisioning new phones. As far as I can tell from the Digium docs the res_digium_phones module looks to sip.conf for peer settings and FreePBX does not populate that conf file. I assume that is my problem. Everytghing else works, I can see the profiles I have set up on the phone after it finds the configuration server, it loads the profile I choose, but it is only half configured and has no SIP settings. So, is anybody else actually using DPMA to provision phones who set up their Asterisk server with FreePBX and are therefore confined to the FreePBX conf file structure? I was told somewhere along the line that there was a FreePBX Digium Phones module. Not the DPMA, a FreePBX Digium Phones module. Then I was told the Digium Phones Add Ons for FreePBX is broken. Then that Digium Phones Add ons isn;t the same thing as the Digium Phones Module. Information is dribbling out in tiny portions. I just want to know if this works. Am I beating my head against the wall and am correct in conclusing that it can’t be done, or am I just stupid and can’t figure it out.

I have the same problem - I wonder why the package is still available for download and install if the problem is known since more than 6 months, and nothing is said in changelog or release notes to warn about the problem? (yes, I read both before installing)

This was a big problem for me when upgrading from 4.211.64 to 5.211.65-1. I don’t use the module, but it had been installed by default on the old distro. I think it should be removed by the upgrade script to prevent others from having this issue. I was able to force the GUI to reload by running “yum remove php-digium_register”. It’s an easy fix, but not if you don’t know what is causing the problem.