After Hours Voicemail Configuration


We have a dentist that is a new phone customer and I was hoping to pick your guys’ brains on the best way to set up their after-hours voicemail so she can manage the unavailable messages herself.

Here’s the current setup:
Inbound route goes to Time Condition “nighttime”
If they toggle nighttime it will go to IVR “After Hours”
IVR - System Recording is “press 1 in case of emergency, otherwise leave message”
Digit 1 dials Misc Destination “emergency”
Timeout destination = Voicemail (No Message)

The problem is the IVR’s System Recording is essentially the Voicemail’s unavailable message. She wants to be able to change this herself after hours. She knows how to dial *97 and record an unavailable message, but that is not the message that is used since there is an IVR in place. Does this make sense? Let me know if I need to be more clear.

You can enable a feature code for system recordings to allow users to re-record them. If for some reason they want to change it remotely, Zulu is useful for this. Though in the past I’ve done Misc Destinations linked from a hidden IVR option for people who want to dial in and change it. (I’m in the Midwest, we have a lot of weather closings…)

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@ngingras Thanks Nate! That was way easier than I thought. Ya learn something everyday! I’m in NE Ohio, so I know about weather closings. Appreciate your reply.

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