After hours queue to on call cell phone

We have a tech that is on call after hours. If someone calls after hours, it goes to an IVR that allows them to press a button to get access to the on call tech. The way I am doing this presently is by sending that call to a queue. The on call tech logs into the queue, makes sure that they have find me follow me enabled on their extensions (with all the right settings) and it goes to their cell phones. The problem is, it still rings to their regular extension first, then goes to their cell phones. I have the formula pretty accurate now that it works pretty much every time.

What I would like to know… Is there a better way of doing this? I can’t seem to figure out how to make it go to the on call cell phone right away without using find me follow me.

I don’t know about “better” but there are lots of “other” ways to approach the problem.

  1. Assign extensions to your CSR’s cell phones using Miscellaneous Destinations (IIRC). Then assign those extensions to your queue(s).
  • You can use them as static agents in your queues if you want to use the GUI to manage that.
  • You may be able to assign these extensions in UCP and turn them on or off in the queues through the Web GUI.
  1. Use the Call Forwarding features of your system. Let the CSR log into the queue before they leave and when they are on their way out, CF their extension to their cell phone.
  2. Add the cell phone as a static agent in the queue using the “cell phone + hash” syntax. I think that works for queue members.
  3. Set the extension to Do Not Disturb before the agent leaves - this should forward the call immediately to the FMFM extension.

I don’t know which of these is going to work for you (if any), but those are some other strategies that might get you where you want to go.

1 - You can’t assign a misc destination to a queue
3 - You can list an external number however the music on hold will stop playing when it start to ring the external number

options 2 and 4 require too much manual intervention from the end user. We ended up listing the external number and dealt with the ringing instead of music on hold.

Maybe the tech could set call forward always instead of using find me follow me