After adding BLF's to phones ring groups acting strange. They all keep ringing even after call is picked up

Using FreePBX 14 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7

I have a site where the main number rings to a ring group. This feature works perfectly until I add any BLF’s to the phones through the default template. After doing that all the phones keep ringing even after the call has been picked up. Also the BLF’s blink showing that those phones are still ringing. Take the BLF’s away and the problem goes away.

I’ve been banging my head against the wall on this issue for weeks. I even did a complete fresh new install of FreePBX yesterday. Same results.

Mind-reading 101: “I see that you have a Cisco 7940 in SIP mode… Is that right?”

Mind-reading 102: “I feel like your logs have more information. In my mind’s eye, I see that the phone is subscribing to the hint… Is that right?” :slight_smile:


You can post phone manufacturer and model, as well as sharing a /var/log/asterisk/full log. In this case, you might try turning on SIP DEBUG and see if you get more information so we have a hope of helping you.

Also the phones drop calls randomly when BLF’s are put on the phones.

Aastra 6737i and 6757i are the two types of phones that we have in all of our offices. This is the only office that is having this issue. I’ll grab the log and post it as soon as we do some more troubleshooting. For now I’ve disabled all BLF’s on the template so the office can work. As soon as I add them back for testing I’ll grab the full log and post it.


How many phones and how many BLFs per phone are you doing at the location that is having an issue?

13 phones and 10 BLF’s. We have much bigger offices with many more phones and 3 times the BLF’s. Same PBX version same phone models.

And is the router/network the same at the other locations? I’ve seen issues with routers that can’t handle the NAT traffic caused by BLFs.

Have you tried setting up just one phone to see if this is an issue still?

Yeah, I have the same hardware but I suspect it may be their dummy netgear POE switch. I’ve ordered them a better POE managed switch. I was tailing the full log when I was last testing and it looked like the PBX was having troubles telling the other phones that the call had been picked up. It was taking something like 300ms to send the signal.

Looks like that was it! New switch resolved the issue.

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