After adding an extension I can no longer access the site

I added my first extension to a new v16 deployment. I can login as an admin and see the dashboard. The extension would not register with my softphone so I tried to check to see if I had the secret right. I went to applications/extensions and immediately got a message that I cannot access the site.

When I ssh to the server, I get a message that the firewall wiil start after 5 minutes but it never starts.

Firewall is currently in delayed startup mode, as this machine was recently rebooted. The firewall service will automatically start after this machine has been running for 5 minutes. Another warning will be broadcast before this happens

Everything is frozen in the terminal after that

The system is pretty much hosed now. After rebooting, I can connect for a few minutes but it freezes up

Your repeated registration failures are likely triggering a ban on your IP with intrusion detection. Shut down your SIP client until you can get in and ensure your IP is properly whitelisted.

Are you sure that you are not simply blocked by the firewall? After rebooting, SSH in and type
fwconsole firewall trust
(replace with the public IPv4 address you are connecting from).

Watching your struggles with everything, maybe just go with a straight Distro install ?

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Distro install is implied by the use of the Firewall module which we can see by console output in post 1.

I stand corrected :-), First go with a Distro Install but please RTFM :wink:

By distro install, do you mean from the ISO? There is no way to boot an ISO on Digitalocean or AWS so I used a distro offered by the marketplace.

As mentioned, the shell freezes up and will not accept any input so I can’t use fwconsole.

Even immediately after a reboot?

I get about 30 seconds before the console freezes up

Apparently the OP IS actually going rogue, Perhaps an easier way, for $5 and at vultr , upload any kosher iso (actually you can use ANY iso, even if halal :wink: ) That $5 would likely save many hours of his RTFM cos it would hopefully ’ just work’, so thus saving many hours of ours :slight_smile:

Vultr is $11/month but it still might be worth it.

Where does Vultr cost $11 a month for a basic 1G mem 20G storage machine? I pay $5

$6 if you want to leverage the automatic backups :wink:

No point backing up a machine that doesn’t yet work ;-), when it does , splurge the $6 or $11


I got shunted to Cloudways. The Vutur minimum is $10.

How so ? did you start at

Caveate Emptor when you ‘search the web’ or you might well get “shunted”

Just in case you didn’t notice Vutur is not vultr

Yes and the minimum was $10. They won’t take a debit card.

I don’t have that problem , but in your case surely $10 is better than flailing aimlessly for days and as yet failing.