Admin user groups - allowing access to user & device modules

Hi there,

I’ve been holding off posting this as I expect it may well go the same way as other topics regarding Device & user Mode, and end up being a debate on the definition of “unsupported”,

the above reason has also made it almost almost impossible to search in order to find if this has been asked/answered before.

But I’m now lost for things to try, so I’m just going to have to ask and hope It doesn’t result in the debate I’m possibly expecting (so apologies to any mods in advance if it does)

But any way I’ve been trying to set up a group of users who can only administer creating devices and users in FreePBX
This is basically so I can offload the creation of devices and users to others but limit the risk of them being able to something being modified that doesn’t work with D&U mode

However the options for assigning module access only appears to have the option for extensions rather then the Device & User equivalent options that are in the menus when using D&U mode

I have notice that there is an option for “add device” that I assumed would be the one. However after logging in as a group member to check the is no option for devices present (that i can find)

  • also tried only selecting add device as the only group permission in case it was hiding in a sub menu somewhere, with no success) ,

Is there something I’m missing?
Or (As I expect is more likely the case)
is this just a non starter due to the ability not existing?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try FreePBX 13 with PJSIP…I believe there is support for registering multiple devices in PJSIP and you could probably achieve the same effect.

Thanks for the Idea,
we are on FreePBX 13 with pjsip anyway (Thought i’d included that in the orignal post, but it appears I didn’t)

So I can take a look and see if it leads any where,

Although I may be miss understanding (so I may need to do some reading)
but as I understood it: and the reason i didn’t go down that route,

multiple devices:
allows one user to have multiple devices assigned permanently to an extenstion

device & user:
allows setting up a device which a user can then log in to as required

if it helps with understanding why we’ve gone down the D&U route over standard extentions;
some of the users hot desk and so need to be able to login to any device (and also dynamically in to queues etc)

Thanks again.

Have you considered switching to Sangoma phones? They natively support hotdesking and the feature couldn’t be simpler to use.

Thanks for the heads up I’ll take a look into them and then see if I can get the go ahead to an order couple to try out