Admin Password help

I just took over our system admin job and we have an old freepbx server that is sending voicemail to email using an old server. I can not get into the Sys admin page for anything. I have tried every password I have. This server is at a remote location. I have tried putty from my location but I am also not sure about the port number and the username and password to get in(no password is working. We are using a very early version of Freepbx. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll need to get root access…

I know my password to get into the gui but I can not access my Sys admin page and I am kind of lost on how to get into SSH

You can recover a lost Admin GUI login provided you have root ssh access. If you don’t have root login, then you will need to determine the OS your system is running and follow a tutorial to boot to single user mode so you can reset the root password.

Once you have a root password, and your crisis-du-jour is addressed, your goal is to migrate your settings to a supported platform and document your access credentials for the next person in your role.

Do I have to install putty on a local computer in the network of the server or can I remote in to it from my local computer that is also connected to meraki.

You cannot boot using Putty. You’ll need physical (or virtual physical) access to the machine.

I have to go out to the location again I forgot an adapter for the monitor.

I drove out to one of my customer sites without the keys to the door once - I feel your pain.

Still could not get into the Sysadmin console I reset password to console tried passwrd-maint, amp fwconsole unlock no luck on anything

What do you call Sysadmin console?

I suspect that given your mention of “passwrd-maint” that you don’t have sysadmin installed.

How exactly did you setup your machine?


I didnt set up the system I inherited it from my previous boss. We shut down one server running outdated software and the system no longer sends voicemail to our office 365 email.

we would need a better clue than that.

What do you need to know to help me out?

How can I tell if Sys admin was installed? I just need to edit a file or area to set the voicemail to email to come through. The original was on a 2003 server which is now shutdown. When that server gets turned on the notifications come through.

Let’s backpedal here. In order to be more helpful, we need to know certain details like your freepbx version, your base os (centos linux for example) and such.

If you have SSH/physical access to the CLI, you want to use either ‘amportal admin auth_none’ or ‘fwconsole unlock’ depending on your flavor of existing FreePBX/Asterisk combo.

Linux JSLCPBX.local 2.6.32-504.23.4.el6.i68

I am able to get into a computer onsite via splashtop and via IP behind the meraki.

Oracle Linux? What is the FreePBX version? 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15?