Adding softkeys using endpoint manager

Hello community,

Sorry if this is dumb question but I am still new to the FreePBX Endpoint Manager.

How do I add softkeys in endpoint manager? I have successfully provisioned the phone [(Polycom VVX 500)(UC Software Version] with endpoint manager. The phone works great and all necessary configurations and settings have applied to the device, including the lines and expansion module for the device. However, some softkeys that use to be on the phone prior to our configuration, are not there anymore but I’d like to add them back per the end users request. I would like to add a blind transfer softkey and a transfer directly to voicemail soft key. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

IIRC, you need to edit the basefile using the EPM Basefile Editor to turn the features you are missing back on.

I did find and attempt to make changes in the base file editor, however, I am getting an error message every time I save, rebuild config, update phone(s). My EPM version is Here is the error I am getting:

Did you submit a ticket? We can’t really do anything with EPM since it’s a commercial module.

Looks to be this issue, which is marked as fixed:

Update to edge with:

fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint --edge

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