Add and Remove Dynamic Agents from Queue via ARI/command

Hi there,

My google-fu has failed me as I’ve exhausted ever article I can find.
I am looking for a way to add and remove dynamic agents from the dynamic agents allowed list via a command / ari.

I have a small web-app that employees can use to manage the system and we would like to be able to add/remove agents from the dynamic list.
I’ve found and been able to implement editing static agents and adding and removing them

I know I can use queue add member but this doesn’t get me the list of agents in the dynamic list.
Also using queue show just shows members currently logged in, not all members allowed to log in/out.

Basically I would like to programmatically edit the Dynamic Agents List that is in FPBX and I can not for the life of me find out where they are stored.

Thank you in advance!
(Shout out to Dicko who (gratefully) spends all his time here and will inevitably read and roll his eyes at this thread😬)

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