MySQL Table - Dynamic Agents

Is anyone aware of where FreePBX might store the dynamic agent list for a queue in MySQL? I can find static agents in queues_details, but am not finding dynamic? I know they are in SQLLITE, but assumed they needed to be in MySQL to persist in the FreePBX GUI. Any ideas? Thanks!

The dynamic state of Asterisk is maintained in /var/lib/asterisk/astdb.sqlite3 absent of FreePBX and any mysql tables.

We can all expect that that state will persist over a reboot/restart/glitch/oopsie unless corrupted.

Assuming stuff is never a good replacement for verifying.

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as @dicko said, not in MySQL.

asterisk -x "database show Queue PersistentMembers"

The naming convention seems weird here, being PersistentMembers, but that is where dynamic agents are being stored (at least for me).

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