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We have our FreePBX system syncing with our Active Directory server, which everything seems to be working just fine there, new people get added, deleted people get removed, etc.

Recently we began to notice these Entry items that show up at the top of the list. there are 6 in total. In freepbx there are no corresponding items that match the numbers. They do not represent the extension. When you view the details they are empty, you can not dial to the entry. We are using Digium D60 phones. ALL of the phones show the same items. Has anyone came across this? I have skimmed the forums the last couple of weeks and havent came up with anything resembling this issue.

Don’t have experience with AD sync but have you made sure that the system is fully up to date?

We are on, I believe that’s the current release. I have not made the push to 16 just yet.

This is more about the latest versions of modules for the version of FreePBX that you are running.

fwconsole ma upgradeall
yum update -y

I just verified that they are all up to date.

Yea, I got nothing else then, sorry. Maybe somebody else here has seen this before.


I have found the issue and have been able to resolve it.

Cause of issue:
This may or may not be limited to the Active Directory Sync, but, when a user is removed from the AD server BEFORE they are removed from the directory listings, they will not be cleared out of the directory lists. Instead you will have an orphaned entry. The ID of the user in the database is the Entry Number shown in the image above.

Once this has occured the only way I was able to remove the entries was to use the cli with an account with access to the asterisk database.

Example mysql code:
DELETE FROM asterisk.contactmanager_group_entries WHERE (id = ‘130’);

Moving forward, to prevent this from happening would be to make sure you have removed the user from any directory groups / listings BEFORE removing them from Active Directory.

This might be worth reporting as a bug at

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