Activation Problem because I'm an idiot noob!

Had to move to new system due to hardware crash & I created a new activation ID because I didn’t know to use existing deployment id…I realized my purchased modules didn’t work so I followed the directions to reclaim the original deployment number.
First I deactivated the newest deployment in the Sangoma Portal I guess? Nothing changed there?
I then went to original deployment and reset hardware lock.
opened PBX gui and to sysadmin “Activate Existing Deployment” put in that deployment number. It shows “Attempting to activate, please wait…” and does not complete, that window just stays there?

I also tried to install deployment ID thru CLI but just got an error.

Known issue with the portal identified late yesterday, we should see a fix shortly.

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Thanks! Is there a way to know when it’s fixed?

@PlumberMike portal issue should be resolved now. If not, open a commercial module ticket.

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Is this related to FAXPro disappearing?

The underlying cause may possibly be related, but no they are separate issues.

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