Activation not available?

have had sng7 up for a while in a VM, just didn’t activate (have RasPBX running on PI)
logged back today to update everything & switch over from my PI
updated modules OK, but System modules require activation
doesn’t ask or show Registration status in summary
updated System modules by hand
now see System Registration with an !, but I can’t find any way to invoke the activation?


You can only activate FreePBX Distro systems.

this is a FreePBX distro!
i’m confused, which part of SNG7 didn’t you understand
as I said I had the option when I first installed, now it is gone


Go to system admin module and click activate

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found it - thanks


dicko, Andrew,
I appreciate the link, but this is my first linux experience of any consequence, I understand that there are a bunch of different flavors of linux and for this instance I really need exact info that pertains to this particular flavor used in the freePBX distro. I am not nearly competent enough to translate folder locations or commands between them.
This is quite the education… and what made them change anyway?