Lost activation

andrew - tangentially related - how does activation suddenly stop being recognized? I changed no hardware - only added ip’s to existing nics. now its not activated. SIte says that activation is used on different hardware.

It’s based on seqential ordering of Mac addresses. Sounds like you changed the order of the Mac addresses. This is something we have no control over in its current form.

That absolutely explains it. I have a machine with one builtin nic and 2 additional ports on a pci card. when I started this adventure eth0 was the built in nic. somehow it became eth1 and the 2 additional nics became eth0 and eth2.

How does that happen? I didn’t knowingly do that, and I’m not sure how I would have done it accidentally.
I assume I can reorder them somehow, assuming I can figure that out, will activation return on its own?

can you tell me how to re-order them?

udev can reorder your interfaces by name, look at

but I can’t speak to zendguard’s interpretation of ‘hardware’

Or Sangoma can just reset your activation

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