Activating New Server - Password is different?

So, I just installed a new server and went to activate it. It asked me for my e-mail address, found my existing account, then asked for my password. I confirmed the password I use to log in here, and to the wiki, and then typed that password. It gave me “Account Error”. Then, I tried a different password, and that worked just fine.

Where can I control the account settings, password, etc that is used for activation purposes?

You need to use the same password you use at



Check if your system has been updated about O.S and FreePBX modules, else, go to console and next, launch yum update -y and fwconsole ma updatall.

Let us know.

Thanks, @PitzKey, that explains it.

@danardf: this is a brand new system that had yet to be activated.

I said that because there was some issue is some modules. So, just to be sure.

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