Activating FreePBX - Account error

I’m trying to activate my install of FreePBX, but when I type in my email address, I get a “Please log into your existing account” message and then when I type in my password, I get an “Account error” message.
So, firstly, I can’t remember making another account, so I guess it’s the same account/password as used to log into this very website? Which I’ve reset and it still complains. If it’s a different account, where do I go to reset it?


After thinking about this for a while the answer is obvious, perhaps that’s why no one has replied.

The email/password that the FreePBX activation page is after is from the website. Duh!

Hopefully that’ll help someone…

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Thank you for the update, Lee. This will surely help others with the same problem.

It isn’t obvious Lee, and you’ve helped me today (five years on!)

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